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Fuel Terminal Audit

In response to large spillages of petrol and diesel on the Port Hedland Bulk Fuel Terminal, and  the identification of Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (LNAPL) in groundwater beneath the terminal and migrating to the port, the WA regulator under the WA Contaminated Sites Act 2003 classified a large proportion of Pilbara Port industrial land holding as contaminated requiring remediation. Consistent with the requirements of the CS Act, as the site is considered to be a source site, and in consideration of the proximity of a marine aquatic receptor, a JBS&G accredited auditor was appointed to review and oversee the investigation and remediation activities for the site.  While petroleum hydrocarbon investigations and remediation are ongoing for the complex hydrogeological regime, the auditor is presently assisting with assessing the feasibility of lodging an ‘Deposited Plan – Interest Purposes Only’ (DP-IPO) for the lease area, to allow the impacted land to be classified separately from the remainder of the cadastral Lot. 

Port Hedland, WA

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