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Experts in 'immediate response' groundwater remediation measures.
Assessment and Approvals
Our experienced approvals experts and engagement specialists deliver large mining, property and infr...
Auditing and Compliance
Accredited in-house auditors covering all applicable state and territory auditor schemes.
Hygiene and Hazardous Materials
If you do a job, do it properly.
Due Diligence and Liability
Rapid response with pragmatic, commercial, expert advice tailored to address the level of risk and y...
Fire Management Planning
Our highly accredited and experienced Fire Management Planning team are leaders in the development a...
Our experienced team specialise in conducting baseline ecological surveys that meet and exceed the r...
The corporate affairs and ESG division of JBS&G
Digital and Creative Solutions
Effectively communicate your project story to build stakeholder involvement, lower risk and strength...
Contaminated Land
JBS&G is an industry leader in dealing with all facets of Contaminated Land.
Landfill Services
Offering services covering all aspects of Hazardous Ground Gas management, assisting our clients in...

Digital and Creative Solutions

Effectively communicate your project story to build stakeholder involvement, lower risk and strengthen project outcomes.

Exceptional digital solutions

The digital and creative solutions (DCS) team implement digital solutions to effectively communicate your project story to build stakeholder involvement, lower risk and strengthen project outcomes.

Creative communications

Communicating complex information and attracting and retaining the attention of audiences is increasingly challenging. We design engaging solutions to science, engineering and project delivery related content. We produce films, animations, websites, infographics, and virtual platforms to build project and organisational brand and shape messaging in an accessible and creative way.

Community sentiment analysis

We deliver data driven community insights based on our real-time understanding of stakeholder and community sentiment. This drives greater confidence when managing risk across the project lifecycle and more informed decision making. We analyse social, print / online media, and broader data sources, to identify early trends and enable effective issues management.

Virtual engagement

Covid-19 has accelerated the growing expectation of communities for online engagement options. Our tailored solutions and platforms meet client needs and community and regulator expectations by drawing on a range of accessible and creative digital tools. We produce virtual events and communications campaigns that reach a broader audience, leverage social media, communicate complex information, and facilitate two-way engagement.

Social media

Social media is an integral tool for engaging with communities and building project and organisational awareness.  We have extensive experience creating social media strategies and campaigns that effectively communicate compelling content in a visual and dynamic way. Engagement tracking is a strong feature of our approach and we provide informative analytics to support environmental assessment processes, reputation management, issues management, and ongoing strategy development.

Data management

Project delivery and operations can be complex, particularly with large numbers of internal and external stakeholders and multiple data challenges. Our flexible, web-based portals create a central platform for collating and sharing data. Key benefits include no software licence fees, client ownership of content, integration with existing systems, and simple, accessible dashboard format.

Spatial services

Our spatial services team integrates interactive mapping platforms with multiple data sources to help clients understand information, manage risks and make more informed decisions. We draw on the latest in digital platforms to simplify and streamline delivery and facilitate communication. Our approach includes 3D visualisation and scenario modelling to support project analysis and decision making.

Field and site data collection

We assist clients address and manage the challenges of site travel and requirements of field data collection through digital solutions that allow for real-time data sharing, and effective data management. Our approach enables instant access to field-based data when and where it is needed, does not involve licence fees and enables the client to maintain content ownership and control.

Virtual site tours

We create virtual site tours that visually communicate critical project information. This removes the need for project teams, stakeholders and regulators to travel to site, saving time and money. It also drives effective communication of the various stages of site-based project developments, assisting stakeholders to visualise what changes will look like over time.

Online environmental and planning approvals documents

Ensuring stakeholders and community members have access to environment and planning approvals documents in an engaging format facilitates effective and genuine participation and better outcomes for communities and the project. Our online, accessible platforms enable effective information delivery and meet both regulatory and stakeholder expectations.

Online training and inductions

Our digital team have 20 years experience creating interactive and engaging learning experiences for employees, contractors, and other stakeholders. This capability leverages outstanding film production and storytelling, incorporating technology such as multimedia content, simulations, virtual environments, gamification, and assessment design to deliver effective training and induction programs. The goal is to ensure that all employees are fully informed of the policies, procedures, and practices relevant to their roles and the company, and have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their tasks safely and efficiently. This capability can be used to train and induct new employees and site visitors, provide ongoing training and development, and to refresh and update the knowledge of existing employees. The result is a well-informed and competent workforce that contributes to the success and safety of your business.