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JBS&G is an industry leader in dealing with all facets of Contaminated Land.
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Experts in 'immediate response' groundwater remediation measures.
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Groundwater Remediation

JBS&G is an industry leader at implementing a wide range of groundwater remediation technologies for a diverse range of contaminants including PFAS and TCE

Floating Fuel Skimming Systems

Design, install and monitoring of hundreds of conventional LNAPL skimming systems. We have also successfully designed and commissioned a one of a kind automated skimming system that can be used in tidally influenced or fluctuation aquifers.

Groundwater Pump & Treat

Multiple conventional groundwater ‘pump and treat’ containerised treatment systems that can be delivered anywhere in Australia at short notice.

Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRB’s)

JBS&G has designed, installed and monitored numerous PRB's to manage the long term migration of both chlorinated and petroleum based ground water plumes including TCE.

Per&Poly Fluorinated Alkyl Substance (PFAS) Treatment Systems

JBS&G has successfully treated PFAS impacted water for a number of clients.

Dewatering Management

Our groundwater treatment plants are capable of managing dewater effluent as part of construction activities to meet trade water discharge criteria. This includes suspended solid reduction and pH adjustment should Acid Sulphate Soils be an issue.

UV Oxidisation/Insitu Chemical Oxidation (ISCO)

UV Oxidisation and ISCO has been successfully adopted on a number of our projects to manage a number of complex recalcitrant groundwater contaminant plumes.

Fate and transport modelling of plume movement

JBS&G’s in-house experts are able facilitate quick or complex project close out through our modelling capabilities.

Immediate Response Remedial Measures

JBS&G is a national leader in ‘immediate response’ remedial measures such as boundary control groundwater interception pump and treat systems.

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